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— October 7 2019 —

Steve Dunne – 2015 Falcon XR8

When Steve Dunne’s 2015 XR8 ran a 10-second pass early in the day, the crowd was stunned – unless of course, they’d witnessed him win A class in it last year. Since then an interchiller has been added, which has boosted power output to an impressive 719hp and 819lb.ft.

Those impressive figures are thanks to CTB performance, which has been responsible for the engine work on the vehicle. That work includes fitting a Whipple 2900cfm supercharger, along with a 2750cfm capable throttle body.

Qualifying eighth, Steve was up against Aaron Jenkins in round one, where, understandably, he was outpaced, but it goes to show just how fast the field has become when running a 10.82 and 130mph is not enough.