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As the Australasian distributor for Dawar Technologies (USA) Touch Products, Electronic Imaging offers a range of touchscreens in standard sizes from 2.8″ to 21″, depending on the chosen technology, as well as the ability to offer customised units.

These touchscreens can be integrated with other components, such as membrane switches and graphic overlays, and anything from a fully integrated all-in one solution that includes a touch panel, controller and software for a complete product, through to a single component can be supplied.

Touchscreen Technologies available from Electronic Imaging

  • Resistive Touchscreens
  • Glass Front Resistive Touchscreen
  • Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touchscreens
  • Surface Capacitive
  • Matrix Touchscreens.
  • Controllers
  • Integrated Touch Solutions
Resistive Touchscreen Technology

4 Wire Resistive

The lowest cost solution, 4 wire resist
ive touchscreens are glove compatible.

Suitable for use in devices such as portable instruments, consumer products and remote controls. A protective laminate can be added for extra protection from scratches. Available in a range of sizes from 5.7″ to 15″ with anti- glare, anti Newton top sheet.


5 Wire Resistive

Film/Glass construction offers a much higher touch life (35M actuations), and quick response time. Suitable for POS devices, gaming machines and ATM machines. The method of construction means this screen may still function even when top layer is damaged. Standard sizes range from 5.7″ to 24″.

8 Wire Resistive

This option offers the same benefits as 4-wire without the need for field calibration. Available in several constructions this screen is suitable for applications in harsh environments, for example factory control devices, industrial PC’s and instrumentation. Available in standard sizes from 7″ to 20.1″.


Glass Front 5 Wire Resistive Touchscreens 

Glass Front 5 wire resistive touchscreen are for high use applications, in harsh environments. The screens have a smooth, thin and extremely durable glass top sheet (7H pencil hardness) for increased durability, scratch and wear resistance, and are not affected by dust, water, chemicals or light. For use in military, kiosk, public interface devices where film construction would not be tolerated. Non conductive devices will actuate the screen. Standard sizes range from 7.0″ to 17.1″.

Multi Touch Projected Capacitive Touchscreens (PCT) 

PCT Touchscreens are an all glass construction providing superior durability and optics. Support for multi touch gesturing along with standard controller boards (see below) or chip on flex options are available. Glass on glass construction has > 9H surface hardness, with the option to add decorated lens covers which may be anti glare, heat tempered and heat strengthened glasses as just some of the choices. Effortless input is with gloved hand, conductive stylus or finger.

Available in a range of standard sizes from 4.3″ to 24″.



About the Multi Touch Projected Capacitive USB/RS232/I2C Controller Board.

  • Multiple Touch Input
  • Meets Windows 7 logo requirements
  • Drivers available for operating systems including Android, Win XP, Linux, MAC and QNX
  • RoHS compliant

Surface Capacitive Touchscreens 

Available in standard sizes from 6.1″ to 21″

Matrix Screens

Matrix screens are a customised solution similar to 4 wire resistive touchscreens, however, no controller, driver or calibration is required.

Contact Electronic Imaging for further information.


Electronic Imaging supply matched controllers for 4, 5 and 8 wire resistive touch screens (in addition to the PCT controllers already noted). Controllers include USB and RS232 dual interface. Drivers for common operating systems such as Windows NT, Windows 7, Linux, Dos, MAC and QNX are available.

Integrated Solutions

A range of integrated solutions that include touchscreen, controller and software can be specified with various configurations.

The range of integrated solutions:

  • Desktop Touch Monitors
  • Open Frame Touch Monitors
  • Panel Mount Touch Monitors
  • Rack Mount Touch Monitors
  • LCD and LCM Monitors with Touch

The end use will determine the solution required. Contact Permark to discuss your specific requirements.

Comparative Touchscreen Guide



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