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Screen & Digital Printing

Screen Printing

  • Produces Solid Vibrant colours,
  • An unlimited number of colours and shades,
  • An ability to adhere to almost any substrate
  • The ability to print precise registration of colours.

Light Operated Keyboard

Overlay screen printed 11spot colours with transparent tints. Supreme Award Winner.

CMYK, Spot Colour and half tone or a combination of these in either solvent based or UV cured inks are employed depending on the substrate being printed.

Sheet stock of many plastics and metals can be printed, as can flat objects such as lenses and plastic switches, which are first placed in a jig prior to printing.

Both solid and transparent tints can be achieved, and prints can be developed to diffuse light in particular ways, for example to iron out light hot spots on an LCD assembly.

Electronic Imaging offer many options – simply contact us and we will provide technical advice, free samples and a no obligation quote.

Digital Printing

  • Suited to short run CMYK printing
  • No film or printing plates required
  • Short Lead-time to produce
  • Digital Cutting can be employed in combination.

Ideal method of printing short runs of self adhesive labels. Various grades of clear and coloured polyesters and vinyls can be printed and digitally cut. Electronic Imaging offer digital printing capability that when combined with laser cutting of adhesives results in a cost effective way to develop product concept designs or mock ups.



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